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There are many gaming sites around the world, so why should we join you? This question may have come to your mind, we have the answer. First of all, we provide you free service (not including gaming products) and you will not see any advertisement on our site. Without advertising, you will have no problem watching the video. Our site is user friendly so that you don’t have any problems. The rightside live option is given on our site so that you can talk to us live. And you can tell us which topics you have problem with and we will solve your problem through video and for free. I hope You join Gamer Baaj and enjoy gameplay.


Why watch gameplay ?

Everyone likes to play games, new games come in the market every day. Now the size of today’s game is huge, so before downloading you should see the game play of that game. After watching the gameplay, we get to know how the game is. And after watching it, we find out whether we should play the game here or not. Trust us we provide the best video gameplay with commentary. And we will clear your all doubts.

gaming products

Why buy gaming products ?

Do you want to be one of the best gamers? If yes, then you should buy a gaming product. It improves your gaming skills. If you make a game play video, then you should buy some essential gaming products. Which helped you record the game play and you can easily record the best videos. With the help of excellent headphones, you will be able to enjoy better sound in the game. We sell the best gaming products under your budget.


Why Do You Want To Read Blog?

Are you interested in sports? Do you want to make Carol in sports? If yes, then you should stay updated in this gaming area. Must read about gaming. You should know how to make a game, how much money does it take to make a game. Can you make your own game? And how crores of rupees are earned from sports. If you are just playing the game, then you should know the tips and tricks about that game. Because it makes you a supporter in the game. You need to read the blog for all these. We will tell you about the essentials of the game in our blog easily.


Gamer Baaj is a gaming company. We provide our users with the best gaming products, game play videos and gaming tips and tricks. You will not see any advertisement on our site so that you can enjoy pro tricks with us for free. We always ready to solve your any gaming related problem. You have any problem ? so tell us now. Enjoy game play 🙂